Lucid? I wish.

I think we’ve all had those dreams that startle us out of a sound sleep. How about the dreams that still startle us, but for whatever reason your brain won’t send the signal to flutter your eyes open? I just woke up from something like that and am entirely perplexed. Dreams that involve me being stuck somewhere always throw me for a loop because I’m such a natural mover; I HAVE TO MOVE AROUND. It’s like being stuck in these dreams is a way for my subconscious to speak to me, as though it’s a strong man with heavy arms holding me down to a chair that’s in front of a slide show about life and it wants me to watch; it wants me to see what I’m doing wrong and how I need to change it. It wants me to be sure I catch on to the potency of the message so it doesn’t leave me after I wake up and dash around my house.

All I remember is being stuck somewhere and not being allowed to leave until I figured out what I did wrong or who I erred. Whatever the case may have been, I think a piece of me wanted to stick around in the dream just to find out what I did wrong, just like you want to read the cast list to see who got your dream role, even when you know the name beside that role isn’t going to be yours. I think there’s something important about the way we communicate with the world around us, or our understanding of it, as we dream, and for me, that something keeps my attention, no matter how unpleasant the message.


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