Set Sights on the Horizon

horizonsI’m introducing this as candidly as I can. This will be my “everything” blog where I just free write about anything that goes on in this activity little mind of mine. I feel a story coming on, but first, introductions are an order. I go by Stephen Supernor. I am 26 years old and I am still carving a path on which I want to tread for my time here on this earth. I have gone through a lot of flux to get to where I am today, but suffice it to say that I am a 6’3″, slender, blond guy who craves interpersonal connection and loves a good learning experience. I love reading, writing, tinkering around on woodwind instruments, art, performance, deep thought and discussion, dance, photography, poetry, tea, beer, port, etc., etc. I tend towards tangential writing and alliteration is kind of an obsession. I’m a boundary pusher by nature and I love being told why my behavior or choices impact others because then I know I am making a difference (and hopefully a good one).

I started this blog for a number of reasons; one being I am becoming more careful about the habits I inject into my regular routine. I think it is important to find things that make me come alive and allow me to nurture positive self-growth. When I learned that taking a little extra time to write in 8th grade means I connect with the world around me on a deeper level, I got hooked and have been ever since. I have filled 4 journals and love to see the evolution in my self-perception, my writing style, and the artistic liberty I grow into as time and my skills progress. I think life is about finding ways to know yourself well and sharing the best pieces of who you are with the world around you. If you can do this easily, you can see the best in others with great ease.

Imagine that, I was going to tell you a story, yet here we are, 2 paragraphs deep into an introduction and your eyes have yet to scan a single “once upon a time” or other likely colloquial phrase (not sure if “colloquial is appropriate in this context, but it felt right).

Allow me to begin…

Once upon a time, a 25-year-old named Stephen (Hey! That’s me! If you’re thinking it is pretentious of me to write in the 3rd person when referring to myself, I’m right there with you..) who just came fresh off the plane from Sacramento, California and stepped onto the cold carpet of the terminal in Boston/Logan International Airport and wondered to himself, “What now, and who am I?” Well over the next ten months he underwent a dark time and gradually trudged through the mud and, much like a lotus, stretched his stringy white arms through that murky, sopping dirt and felt-at long last-the rays of sunlight he craved since he pulled into Sacramento 10.5 months ago to rain and prisms instead of sunshine and tingly warmth. Well when his eyes finally met the sun, he smiled at the wonderful blindness because he just delights in the unknown and the new experience of being caught in the current without a paddle was quite exhilerating. Not to mention, the motivational books he read, friends he finally mustered up the courage to talk to on a deeper, more authentic level, and life experiences he lived, made this transition unabashedly exhilarating.

But transition to what?….

Career changes! After Substitute teaching (first person’s back, you’re welcome very much) for 6 months, I started to feel passionately about working with students in a small group setting within the school. All of a sudden, my tune had changed from, “I hate perpetuating the tyranny of public education” to “I have the skills and motivation to make meaningful change from a place of authority (without being a dick about the authority-there’s the caveat).”

My passion came across to the full-time teachers in the schools I was teaching at and I began receiving invitations and encouragement to apply to be a full-time member of an education team. I was thrilled! (I went through a period over the summer which involved applying to 10 AmeriCorps programs and ultimately receiving 4 job offers [2 in VT at teen centers, 1 in Pittsburgh at a Latino Services Center and 1 in Philadelphia at an organic farm for adults with so-called “disabilities”] but I decided to stay home because money was tight and I could not afford the AmeriCorps salary.) So I applied to work with a 5th grader, but was not offered that position and so 2 days later (today, if I’m being honest) I turned in a resume and cover letter to the Building Principal at the local elementary school and was invited to be a part of their team as a 2:1 aide within a Kindergarten class. I gleefully accepted after a series of shrills that would remind many of Donny from “The Wild Thornberries.”

And let me wrap this up with a little glimpse into what I’ll be doing this year and keeping up with in this blog. I’ll be updating this blog with teachable moments I witness through my teaching career, what I learn from Kindergarteners, and how working with such new souls changes my world view-because I’m a Libra and my scales are always tipping. I’ll also tell you how my application to run The Boston Marathon for the YMCA turns out and take you on my fitness journey. I’ll unlock the door to my inner psyche when possible and share how I see the world and why I see it through the lens I do. I might link to videos and photos because I just got my first big boy camera and I will be indulging in some sweet exploration undoubtedly.

But enough’s enough. It’s been therapeutic typing to you, sweet reader, and do come back.

Yours in love and creativity,

Stephen Michael Supernor


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