I’ve been noticing a lot of interesting connections these past few months. People and symbols, songs and people, thoughts and people-all with one common thread~people.

My first recollection is the following: my friend sent me a picture of her new tattoo-an airplane-on her wrist (she likes travel-get it?) and then 20 minutes later I was going through books that were a center piece for her wedding (a completely random smattering of old books) I picked on out that had a really cool title written on the blue cloth spine, from the pile, and what do I see etched into the cover? An airplane.

Just this morning I was gardening and thought, “I should go tell my friend what I’m doing. She loves gardening and this will make her happy!” When I got up stairs and slid my phone open to text her, I had a text from her asking me what I was up to today….Coincidence? I THINK NOT! INTERCONNECTEDNESS, DON’T EVEN ASK. JUST KNOW.


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