I have been so far removed from my blog for so long, it feels really right, right now, to just sit here and write. I actually think about writing in my blog every time I do yoga because, in that quiet space, I learn something about myself. Usually yoga is my time to listen to what my inner-self is trying to reveal. It is my practice of self-awareness. To have an outlet like this is something I am grateful for. I am even more so grateful for its universal accessibility.

Solitude has always been a comfort to me. I sometimes forget how much peace I can find within myself when I’m by myself because I am such a social creature. After my practice tonight, I was in the right place to share my thoughts in a public forum so now I’m glad to take advantage of that freedom.

Every time I start a yoga flow, I generally start off with a movement that allows for gradual release. My go-to is generally a spinal flexion. I could explain what I do better if I knew all the names for the poses, but suffice it to say I do cat-cows. http://bfy.tw/3THX

What I love about this movement is it slows me down. When I’m performing a cat-cow, I feel the space between each vertebrae grow as I gradually concave my back starting at the base of my spine and work the energy up through the top of my neck. It gives me such peace to know that every small movement is awakening my spinal column, the operating center of my nervous system, and preparing my body to experience greater range of movement. These small movements, or micro-movements, let me really hone in on the pure beauty of every moment and appreciate it for what it brings to body and mind. What I love about yoga is it is so much more than a series of simple movements. It is the application of mind-body connection. Yoga is knowing yourself well enough to coordinate the pace of your movements to the pace of your own breath. It is finding the most appropriate set of movements that will open you up where you most need that release. Yoga has taught me to grow by doing. It has shown me that mindfulness will carry me through life’s biggest challenges-be it an inversion on the mat or a conflict in my daily life. Being in tune with every moment as it enters into my perception and disappears in time for the next moment to arrive. It is cherishing and reveling in all the beauty that the best in every situation, person, and place has to offer. Yoga is the little things that I have realized stand together to build the structure of the big thing that is my perception of this small space in this world I am fortunate enough to occupy. So if you get a chance, give it a try. My practice has made me happy as a lark, and I can only imagine how it will brighten your life.


In light,



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