Back on that Unicorn Saddle

I wrote on Facebook this week that I had a lot to say and, by week’s end you would see me blog about it. Well, it’s that time of week, and, since I’m in the business of being accountable to a Facebook status, proceeding these formal introductions will be said blog post.


I thought about writing this in the format of a list, as a well-marketed social media presence and friend of mine had done, to make the information more digestible and easy to read, but I won’t be putting enough information in here to warrant a list. If you want more thought-provoking writing based on well-researched ideas, subscribe to that blog.

For today, I’m just going to pick a flowery quote and write about how it applies to my life. There is a wonderful woman named Maya Angelou who may be deceased (this is embarrassing; I’m sure I know, I’m just not putting in the energy to remember facts about Maya Angelou), and she said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” In reading this quote I am reminded of the resilience of the human spirit.

As an emotionally sensitive guy living in a fast-paced modern world, resilience is something I am always tapping into. I can think of so many examples of times it is best to choose strength over reduction because, after all, I’m not a soup or a sauce, I’m a man. A little external simmer shouldn’t wear me down to the point where I disappear into a steam-like state and float away. If someone tells me I’m a ninnymuggins, it takes about one second for my brain to process the word ninnymuggins and decide I don’t like it. And then it takes me another few seconds to tap into my inner Maya and recognize that, that moment has passed, the word has been said, and I have a choice. I can hold on tight to my ninnymuggins, or I can let it dissipate into a steam-like state. I have a choice between becoming the sauce, or letting the word become the sauce.


Believe me, surprising as it may seem, I feel a lot lighter when I let the words become steam and I stand my ground as a solid mass of skin, bones, water, and soul.

If you like short, sassy posts like this one, I hope I can keep up with them. Even if I don’t keep a consistent tone, I hope I can motivate myself to post at least twice on here. I’d like to keep challenging myself to think pseudo-publicly like this.

If you have any Maya facts you want to share, or just want to chime in, feel free to comment. I like your comments. And your face. You look good today. Thanks for reading!


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