Life is good

I like to spend time now and then to reflect on the things in my life that I am grateful for. I keep a journal, but I like this blog thing just as much because it affords me an opportunity to be all open and mooshy with my social media pool.

Let me just start with the present moment, because it’s the only thing that exists in real time. It’s wonderful, I’m havin’ a great time! I’ve got my toasty comfies on and my headphones plugged in listening to this, my family’s around me living in comfort. I have access to the eyes of the people most important to me as I write these words. The air I’m breathing is crisp and clean. I am in good health and also well-fed (this is always true so long as my big hands can grab at fists full of nuts). Life. Is. Good.

Now I’ll expand outside of what my perception can dictate. Every day I wake up some time before 8 and I’m glad to be awake because I’m alive in a way that’s never been available to me since I’ve changed my lifestyle for the better. I care about health very deeply and look forward to moving my body in new ways. Exercise, dance, song, yoga, meditation, and art are all very much available to me. I reach for those outlets with great enthusiasm. I work in a very reputable health and fitness center as well as a well-developed sanctuary of learning. I spend my time helping others access health and information and work to provide a friendly, inviting environment that encourages connection in both my places of work. I take voice lessons weekly, developing a talent I’ve always felt was under-utilized. I drive down main roads blasting music and dreaming up choreography. I study to become a personal trainer and connect with people who believe in achieving goals as much as I do. In showing compassion toward others, I see and better understand the capacity of humanity for good.

People greet me each day with a smile and tell them I look so happy all the time. It’s because I live in a world where love is greater than fear and I interact with people who prove that there is infinite good within our reach, when we’re ready to see it.


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