Hey, You’re OK

I haven’t typed out my feelings for a while. Tonight, however, a culmination of many forces and factors have led me to this moment right now. Everything that’s been stewing in this steamy cauldron of pressure and ambition that sits on top of my neck is long overdue to just air out. So I’m going to sit here and talk about obscure ideas to a possibly nonexistent audience, and be OK with that. Because tonight is less for me about reaching a person, as it is about getting back in touch with myself.

I have, in the past few weeks, noticed that all the parts of my life that have been filled with activity, have started to overwhelm me. I am excited about learning, and anxious to stay active, but my day-to-day reality does not allow me the freedom of time to accomplish everything I want to, in the way that I want to. And that’s OK. Because life for me is not about figuring it all out at once. I’m a take it as it comes kind guy. Working two jobs, taking voice lessons, working on a personal training certification, and constantly craving social interaction is healthy and great, but it does not have to happen all at once. I can take away things that I might enjoy, but do not serve my most pressing goals. I can choose to still work two jobs and take out some of the extra enhancements, as exciting as they are, until I have my head on straight enough to pursue further goals. My certification is time sensitive, so I can easily take some time away from singing to work on my long-term fitness goals.

I just wanted to give an example of a life that’s gotten a little off kilter (my own), without going into too much detail, to make a broad statement: no matter who you are, or what you’re working through, you yourself are more than your work, your deadlines, or the pressures of life. You are here for a reason; you bring something to the world that no one else can. As middle school guidance counselor stereotypical as it may sound, you are invaluable. No matter what mistakes you make along the way, or who you offend in your struggle to make sense of whatever lies on your horizon, you are enough. Don’t you ever forget it.


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